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Welcome to the Five Parishes website

Our Churches serve the communities of Broxted and Chickney, Duton Hill, Tilty, Great Easton and Little Easton. Throughout the centuries many have come to our churches to worship God and to find peace and inspiration. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our church. Details of our services can be found in the Church Services section.

Our churches are places where prayers of thanksgiving have been offered and requests made on behalf of others throughout the centuries. If you would like us to pray for you or something which concerns you then view “Say ONE for me”.

While acknowledging that God is everywhere it is often in church where people can shut out the commotion of everyday life, experience the glory of God and feel in touch with things beyond themselves. Our Churches are open every day to visitors. Many come to enjoy the rich history which the churches offer, while others come for the peace and quiet of the local surroundings – to pause and to pray.

When you visit our churches, take time to look at the booklets (which are free), and take what will be useful for you or for you to pass on to someone else. These include ‘Living with loss’, ‘Daily strength’ – scripture quotations from the bible for each day of the month, ‘The little book of help’ – a taster of what the bible has to say, ‘Why me?’, which helps us to see that it is natural to ask questions when things get tough. The booklet called ‘Inspiring prayer’ is for those who pray regularly or have never really tried it before. It aims to help us explore God’s invitation to pray. If you are unable to visit soon but you would like to have copies of any of these booklets visit

We hope to see you during the year at some of our future events. The main events as they stand at the moment can be found in Church Services.

With prayerful good wishes for you to experience much joy, peace and hope this year.


Photograph of local churches
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Daily Prayer
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